Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Tables Now Available

SOLD. Thanks Joanna in Knoxville!

SOLD Thanks Michael in Sarasota!

SOLD. Thanks Kathy in Tampa!

SOLD. Thanks Emily in Knoxville!

SOLD. Thanks Kathy in Tampa!

SOLD. Thanks Monica in Key Largo!

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Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful work. I am recently divorced, and left all that I owned ( 15 yrs.) of stuff,; had a dinning room for over 6k, and never liked it. Now I can have what I like, and I like your pieces. Now, I am starting over and of course do not have the pocket book I used to have, but even if I did i would have loved to fill my house with your pieces.

I am looking for a bookshelf, do you think you may have something soon? Something to put next to my dinningroom table. My K-mart table as opposed to my 6k table, but it's mine! Yes, I want a bookshelf that I can use to put books and my crafts on.

Can you help?

Thanks for listening, and agian...beautiful work!