Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Buy Art!

How to sell your art for the highest price? If you want to sell your art, contact me now. Why waste time going to 'middle-men' like art galleries and art dealers or auction house? I am the direct buyer . Because I am a private collector, this means I can pay you a higher price than a art dealer or gallery or auction house for paintings. The reason I can pay you a higher price is because I do not have the expenses, and overhead of large auction houses, art galleries and dealers when it comes to buying and selling. By selling directly to a serious collector like myself, you are avoiding the middle-man. Also you will save time, because if I like the piece, I can offer you immediate payment. Most art dealer or galleries take a long time to make any kind of decision. Especially when the market is slow and they are not sure who they can sell your art to. I am based in Detroit, MI. However, it does not matter where the artwork is located, in order for me to buy it. It does not matter whether you are in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, New York, Palm Beach, or Paris. . .. I buy paintings in Europe, Latin America and Asia on a regular basis. I can take care of all shipping and payment anywhere in the world. Here is how to sell your art: I need to know 4 things in order to make a decision about your painting: A) quality of the work B) size C) condition D) price. A) Email a photo of the front of the painting, and let me know what the size of the canvas is. B) Please give me an honest description of the condition of the painting. Is there any cracking in the paint? Any paint missing? C) Price. Please let me know what price you want for your painting. I appreciate dealing with sincere and honest people. This means when you contact me, it is important that your photos, and condition description is truthful. Also, as the seller it is really up to you to name the price. My time is limited and I can't waste time with people who write things like 'make me an offer' or 'tell me what this is worth'. When I get emails like this I automatically delete them because it's an indication of a time waster. I am not an appraise or auction house. Just a private art collector. EMAIL ME at

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